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Best electric bikes under $2000

Best electric bikes under $2000 My Image Host

The 350W motor is not particularly dynamic, but still drags two people with a small load in the front basket. In total, you can drive up to 40 kilometers, if you do not help the pedals at all. What disadvantages can be noted? The design turned out to be very heavy and clumsy, it would be expensive to drag it into the apartment every time. The model is more suitable for giving, where there is a barn or garage. The speed is one, if the battery runs out, the driver will have a hard time.
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Table of contents:

Advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles

The acquisition of equipment must be accompanied by an objective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of devices.


  • Profitability - the fuel consumption of electric bikes is several times lower than even small cars. Economical also lies in the absence of the need to pay for insurance, repairs and other expenses that are typical for driving a car.
  • Environmental friendliness - equipping with lithium-ion batteries does not require the use of additional synthetic materials. Bikes do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, unlike cars and motorcycles.
  • Maneuverability - small dimensions allow you to overcome urban congestion and traffic jams.
  • Compactness - some models of electric bicycles are equipped with a folding frame, which allows you to take the bike with you on public transport or place it in the trunk of a car.
  • Budget - an electric bike is relatively cheaper in cost than a motorcycle or a car.


  • Not designed for long trips, requires regular charging.
  • Riding bikes in bad weather can be unsafe.
  • Massiveness - unlike classic bicycles, they have impressive dimensions and require a lot of storage space.

The best e-bike manufacturers

When choosing, you should not be cheap and try to save money. It is better to pay an average price and get a device of a reliable brand. Consider several brands whose products are in the TOP of the best in terms of quality and reliability:

  • ELTRECO has been on the market since 2010. It was originally created for the maintenance of electrically driven equipment. To date, the lineup consists of electric bicycles, electric scooters and kits for electrification.
  • MERIDA - production is located in Taiwan and is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers. A wide range of models contains many models for professionals and beginner riders.
  • HAIBIKE is a German bicycle manufacturer. On the market since 1995. The product line includes models for recreation, the city, competitions and professional mountain transport.
  • CUBE is a German company that has been selling goods since 2013. Today it has a well-established production and sales in more than 33 countries around the world.
  • GIANT is a large concern, whose production is based in China, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Hungary. The manufacturer has a good reputation, as evidenced by 20% of sales in the entire market.
  • WELT is a reliable Chinese brand founded in 2012. A wide range of models contains a large selection of equipment.


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