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Best laptop for computer science students

Best laptop for computer science students My Image Host

People spend on average $600 per year on their electronic office equipment on software, computers or accessories...
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This is only half of the expenditure of a professional, however, who often has to spend extra money on repairs to a Mac or maintenance of his PC.

But then, what are the criteria to take into account when considering being well equipped in terms of computing? Is it better to choose a laptop or a desktop? Which brand is the most powerful? Which budget fits your needs? Although today, in 2019, the PC offerings are countless and the choices almost endless, buying a personal computer is still a choice to be made with a great deal of caution and care. The budget one has to invest in buying a good PC is quite high, although most PCs now cost significantly less than a mid-range smartphone and a computer is replaced less frequently. The computer is an essential working tool for millions of people, with which they spend hours and hours of their days, and it is therefore essential that it does not give us any problems and that it is able to facilitate our tasks, saving us as much time as possible. Find out how to take a basic computer course for seniors!

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The criteria

So what are the criteria for choosing a computer nowadays? Most users generally have only a couple of aspects in mind, cost and design, but there is no doubt that more elements should be considered before making such an important purchase!

So here is a series of tips on the main aspects to consider before buying your PC! No doubt you will find the answers to your doubts in this article!

Better a laptop or a desktop computer?

Here is the first question to be answered: is it better to buy a laptop or a desktop computer? Let's say that, in general, there are several factors that can make you lean towards one or the other. Here we try to list some of them!

  • the budget
  • the availability of space
  • the need to carry it around for study or work
  • the type of use

Certainly, a specification must be made regarding laptops: a laptop is different from a fixed computer because of its ability to be easily carried around. There are laptops of different types and, sizes (we will see them later!), with ultra-compact and lightweight models to systems that are totally comparable to the traditional desktop system. Of course, each type of laptop has its own peculiarities and shortcomings, with which you will inevitably have to come to terms!

Computer Science: Algorithms and structures

Computer science cannot do without algorithms and information structures. The field serves as one of the foundational ones. It helps to practice a variety of tasks required in the chosen specialization.

Practice shows that algorithms and "material" structures are studied through:

  • specialised literature (electronic or paper);
  • training videos;
  • special courses.

At universities, the relevant section is studied, but not too in-depth. The knowledge obtained is sufficient at first, but then one has to "go into" self-education.

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