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Bose soundbar 500 vs 700

Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 My Image Host

It is pointless to give advice here, especially since excellent professionals work on the appearance of most models of large manufacturers, and they know their business well. I note that in recent years I have never come across a soundbar, looking at which would have lost any desire to purchase it.
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Samsung HW-R550

This soundbar model features an increased power level of up to 320 watts. The package includes a wireless subwoofer. Music is played via USB and Bluetooth.

Digital technology has made it possible to equip with an audio playback analysis function. This ensures maximum quality. Another option is game mode. Any crosstalk that occurs is quickly eliminated, so users can maximize the sound quality.

Soundbar Samsung HW-R550 2.1 Soundbar

Model Samsung HW-R550 2.1 is completely wireless. It does not take up much space, does not require complex connections, and harmoniously fits into any interior design. To connect to this TV model, you do not need to buy cables. The subwoofer that comes with the kit also works wirelessly. By working together, you can get deeper, richer low frequencies.

The soundbar is able to amplify the sound, improve its quality, make it voluminous, loud. Can be connected to TV, home theater, other audio playback devices. You need to choose only the best soundbars that have a high level of power. You can see the rating of the best soundbars.

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