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Dry herb vaporizer under 100

Dry herb vaporizer under 100 My Image Host

There is definitely a difference in effect. He doesn’t get stronger or weaker; the impact, in this case, is rather of a slightly different kind.
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Convection Vaporizers

In such machines, the evaporation of the oils of the mixture occurs due to the passage of preheated air through it. Such devices can be active, which means that hot air is forced into the mixture chamber by a special pump or fan. Or passive, where there are no auxiliary devices and air exchange is carried out by the forces of the user's lungs.


  • Heat the mixture evenly, and it does not need to be stirred
  • The absence of contact of the evaporator with the plant mass guarantees the complete absence of combustion products in the steam
  • As a rule, good productive batteries are built into such devices.


  • The mixture is not completely evaporated, about 10% of the active ingredients are lost
  • Demanding on the quality and proper drying of the mixture, otherwise the waterlogged steam will heat up too much and may even burn
  • Takes a long time to warm up
  • Less autonomy than conductive models

How to use a vaporizer correctly and is there a difference in effect?

The effect of a properly used vape is usually milder, but much longer. Greater clarity of thought is retained, which is a definite plus for daytime use, while the bodystone is felt stronger.

Due to the fact that the Dry herb vaporizer under 100 vaporizes substances, it is best suited for resinous strains. Dryer options are best used with a bong or joint. But the effect of the resinous mass in the case of a vapor will be much stronger than in the case of a pipe, bong or joint. This is explained very simply - when heated with a lighter, the resin simply burns out, and the cannabinoids in it are destroyed without having time to reveal their full potential. By the way, for this reason, the vaporizer is also one of the most economical ways to use marijuana.

The impact does not appear immediately, but gradually increases over about 10 minutes. A beginner, faced with low vapor levels (especially after pipes and bongs) and lack of immediate effect, may charge more to be sure, but we would not recommend doing this. Just show a little patience - everything will be fine.

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