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French bulldog puppies

French bulldog puppies My Image Host

The French Bulldog is a source of affection and kindness for the whole family. These incredibly cute and charming creatures have an incredible charm of their own, although, strictly speaking, their appearance cannot be considered correct according to canine beauty canons. If there is any. The French Bulldog breed has a very curious and cheerful nature, they are playful even in adulthood and love colorful toys.
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Often, feeling a burden on the soul of a loved one, they try to help him with their caress and warmth. The French Bulldog is meant to be the perfect companion, faithful, kind and devoted friend. They are balanced and soft, pose no problems and generally resemble children in many ways. By the way, they love and love to spend time with them in various games, go for walks together and generally like to be the center of attention of children.

Head and neck

The head of the Frenchman is square and rather wide. Because of this structure of the skull, representatives of the breed have a progeny - a bite in which the incisors of the lower jaw protrude in front of the incisors on the upper. This bulldog bite is found in many short-faced breeds.

Sometimes French puppies are born with a cleft palate. Pathology requires surgical treatment.

The neck of the French Bulldog is short and rather dense, covered with skin folds - see this link puppy french bulldogs for sale for some details.

Nose, ears, eyes

Bulldog - the owner of large ears, rounded at the tips. The ears of the French dog are erect.

The eyes of the animal are quite large, round, the iris is dark in color.

The nose is flat and slightly turned up. Nose color is black or dark brown.

If the dog is in a relaxed state, the tongue is normally not visible. While walking or running, the French often pulls the tongue out. Normally, the tongue is moist and has a pinkish color.


The muzzle of the French Bulldog is short, on the forehead there are characteristic folds located symmetrically. The nose is flattened, which is why the French dog often breathes heavily, making grunting sounds.


The Frenchman has a rather powerful physique: a square strong body, a muscular back and strong limbs. At the same time, the French dog is quite stocky.