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How to connect Airpods to laptop?

How to connect Airpods to laptop? My Image Host

Basically, everything is very simple, turn on the bluetooth on the laptop, bring the AirPods in the case to it and press the button on the case. Then pair your device.
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Apple has made really cool and simple AirPods, which can be connected to other Apple devices in a few seconds without any problems. If you have these headphones, then you have probably already seen how easy they are to connect to the same iPhone. The newest on the market are AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. But today I want to tell you not about the headphones themselves, but about how to connect them to a computer or laptop that runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. We will also figure out if these headphones can be used as a headset.

The process of connecting AirPods to Windows is not complicated, but still not as simple as to devices on iOS and Mac OS. I sometimes use my AirPods with a Windows 10 laptop. They connect via Bluetooth, of course. Therefore, if you do not have a laptop (where Bluetooth usually already has built-in), but a desktop computer, then you will need a Bluetooth adapter to connect Apple wireless headphones.

  • If your laptop or computer does not have Bluetooth, or it does not work, then you will not be able to connect AirPods. That's why:
  • In the case of a laptop, where the Bluetooth module is usually built-in, you just need to install the drivers. In Windows 10, this should not be a problem, since drivers are usually installed automatically. It doesn't matter what Windows you have. See if there is a bluetooth icon in the tray. If there is, then everything is fine, you can connect AirPods. You can also see if there is a corresponding module in the device manager. If Bluetooth is not available anywhere, then try installing drivers. Download them from the laptop manufacturer's website for your model. More information in the article how to enable and configure Bluetooth on a laptop with Windows 10 and how to enable Bluetooth on a laptop (there is also information on Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7).

In the case of a PC, you will most likely need to select and buy a Bluetooth adapter. Then, it needs to be installed and configured: setting up Bluetooth on the computer.

If the computer has Bluetooth (tray icon, section in settings, etc.), then you can proceed to connect headphones.

Connecting AirPods to Windows 10

You can click on the corresponding tray icon and select "Add a Bluetooth device", or go to "Options" - "Devices" - "Bluetooth and other devices" tab.

We leave the window with the parameters open, take our AirPods headphones, open the case and hold down the round button on the back of the case for about three seconds. Keep it pressed until the indicator inside the case starts flashing white.

In Windows settings, click on "Add Bluetooth or other device" and in the new window select "Bluetooth".

The computer should see our AirPods. Click on them and the connection process will immediately begin. When finished, just click on the "Finish" button.

All is ready! Windows is already broadcasting audio to our wireless headphones. Their status in the setting: AirPods - "Connected voice, music." In the same place, they can be manually either disabled or deleted. After deletion, you will need to repeat the connection process again.

We take them out of the charging case, put them in our ears and enjoy the music. Only one headphone can be used.

When we hide both earbuds in the case and close it, the earbuds automatically turn off (the connection status is "Paired") and the sound starts playing through the laptop's speakers or speaker system. As soon as we open the case with the AirPods, they will automatically connect to the computer and the sound goes to the headphones.

Microphone setup: work as a headset

In this regard, everything is the same as with other Bluetooth headphones. In Windows 10, I was unable to set up AirPods in such a way that I could listen to music in good quality (Stereo) and at the same time the microphone worked.

In the sound options, you can select the input and output device. If you select "Headset AirPods", the headphones will work in headset mode.

If you have connected AirPods to communicate via Skype, then you can set the settings directly in the program settings. Select these headphones as microphone and speakers.

But then the system will not play sounds through the headphones. You need to return all the settings back. You may be able to set it up differently. You can share with us in the comments.

In general, in this regard, everything is far from perfect. If you just listen to music, watch movies, etc., then yes, everything works well. But to set up the microphone - you have to tinker. And even then it's not a fact that everything will work out.

Connecting and setting up AirPods on a computer with Windows 7

Since I also have Windows 7 installed on my laptop next to the top ten, I decided to try connecting AirPods to it. Since there are problems with connecting such new devices.

I did everything as in Windows 10. We just connect a new device. Don't forget to activate the connection mode on the headphones. With a separate button on the case.

But as I expected, Windows 7 couldn't find the driver.

Airpods connected, but with an error (there was a yellow exclamation mark next to them) and they simply did not work.

How did I solve this problem?

Updated Bluetooth module driver. I went into the device manager, opened the properties of the Generic Bluetooth Adapter and saw that the driver was from 2006. Which Windows 7 installed itself.

Since I know the model of the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module that is installed in my laptop (I already changed it), I very quickly downloaded and installed a new driver from the manufacturer's website. If you do not know the model of the module itself, you can try downloading the driver from the laptop manufacturer's website. But strictly for your laptop model. And if you have a USB Bluetooth adapter, then download the driver for it.

Next, I simply removed the AirPods from the list of already connected devices (since I already tried to connect them) and reconnected. And this time, Windows 7 installed almost all the drivers. Except "Bluetooth Peripheral". But the headphones started working without problems, despite the fact that a yellow exclamation mark remained next to them.

In playback devices, you need to assign them the status "default".

This is how I paired Apple's new headphones with Microsoft's not-so-new operating system. In Windows 10, it's all connected and configured much easier. Not like on iOS and Mac OS devices, but still without such dances with a tambourine.

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