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What are live followers on Instagram

What are live followers on Instagram My Image Host

This method requires money, which means that it also applies to paid ones.
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Ways to buy live followers without risks

In addition to services that boost your Instagram followers and likes ( is a typical example), there are also a lot of other options - safer, but much more expensive.

Targeted advertising

It is good for both store promotion and personal branding. Advertising can be configured by location, gender, age, interests, etc. The settings are very flexible, and it is easy to reach the target audience.

Target is quite expensive and works well only if it is configured by a specialist. But advertising brings real subscribers who will be active in the profile and make purchases.

Note that if you sell an inexpensive product that is bought quickly (jewelry, flowers, sweets, etc.), targeted advertising will increase sales, but not gain followers.

Advertising with bloggers

This is also an efficient way. You can buy advertising (the amount depends on the popularity of the blogger) or agree on barter.

Before submitting an advertisement, be sure to study the artist's account:

  • is your target audience there;
  • is it not twisted;
  • whether users are active;
  • whether you like the presentation of previous promotional posts.

A good indicator is if the blogger under the posts has likes in the ratio of at least 10% of the number of subscribers. But hearts can also be twisted. Be sure to read the comments: if they are meaningful, then they were left by a real user, not an offer.


This method requires money, which means that it also applies to paid ones. There are different ways to run a contest on Instagram. The best option is to launch an individual giveaway or team up with other bloggers who have an overlapping target audience.

We do not recommend participating in giveaways with popular multi-million dollar bloggers. Thousands of people will subscribe to you, who will “fall off” by 50–90% in the first weeks after the draw. Following this, the ER of the account will collapse, which will be a signal for the robot to lower its coverage. Getting out of the shadows will be difficult.


This format is more suitable for information business, but you can also come up with interesting ideas for stores. The essence of the marathon is to invite users to perform a series of actions (one of them is a repost). At the end, the winner receives a prize. In this way, you can get new subscribers, and at the same time increase the activity in your profile.

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